Sometimes I feel like life is flying you ever feel that way?

It's almost like I blinked and ta da, I went from playing with barbies in my sand box to being a college grad, new wife, and home owner...when did this happen?!

Life moves so fast, and sometimes I feel as though people do not nearly enough get the chance to do what makes their heart happy.

Sometimes we are born into the mentality of what we 'think' we are 'expected' to do...

But who says we have to do everything traditional, mundane, and monotonous?

Not me, and not some of my dear friends. I am happy to say that within the past few months I have been blessed to know some awesome gals that are being brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and pursue a passion. What amazing courage and strength to say...'you know what life? you are too short, too sweet, and too fantastic to not be what I want you to be'...that is exactly how I am feeling these days...

...It took me awhile but I want to be that old lady in a rocking chair...and when looking back on my life remember the things I aspired to be and do, and not regret following a dream...after all...'what would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?' Thank you Vincent Van Gogh!

So here is the newest bold, beautiful business that has taken on this little world, and I think you will love it as much as I do!

Welcome Amrie Boutique! A fashion forward duo who have an amazing line of hair accessories and collections! They are everyday girls with an everyday wardrobe, but they know how to rock it! Make sure to keep up on their blog for daily advice, tips, and adorable hair pieces (that also double as clips for tops, bags, or outfits) on their facebook page or etsy site! Love their designs and I know you will too...just see if you can beat me to placing my order...probably not :) Blog Page! Esty Page!

And as usual you can find them on facebook, just look up Amrie Boutique!

If you hurry, they are still having an opening special :)

And to close, I want to thank ALL my wonderful girls who inspire me to keep going, you know who you are!

9/19/2010 11:50:44 am

I totally agree! That's why I even began my blog because I wanted to start something...anything! that I was passionate about. I love this post!


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