I know I stress it SO much. But it is SO important for every Bride to feel like their complete best self on the day of their Wedding.

The dress...of ALL things, should be a reflection of what YOU want, and honestly, no one else...it is YOUR one day to look breath-taking and beautiful, make sure YOU do it your own way :)

Here are a few celeb Wedding recaps from the Summer months, and it is just another example of no matter budget, connections, or boutique, every Bride can find a dress that reflects their personality and is THE ONE :) Besides the Groom and all...

Let 29 Peonies know what is YOUR Bridal style?

Simple & Clean Lines...Elegant & Sexy? Floral & Whimsical...?

Anything goes on your day, so let us know!
29 Peonies Poll :
Which style would you tend to lean towards out of these Wedding dresses?!

1 - Is Anna Paquin's casual, but girlie vibe your style?

2 - Is Chelsea Clinton's classy, but bold dress most eye pleasing?

3 - Is Ivanka Trump's traditional elegance, but Bridal sexy look appealing?

4 - Is Hilary Duff's whimsical, but modern and fresh style more your taste?

Let us know & I will be posting the results tomorrow :) Just vote via the comment box!
9/22/2010 01:12:00 pm

I'm going to go with... drum roll please... Hilary Duff. I was first attracted to Clinton's gorgeous dress as the bottom reminds me of large, delicate roses. Though, when I saw Duff's, I died! Not because I like the dress for myself, but for the fact that it's totally her style. It's edgy and very fashion forward. She not only looks fabulous, but she also still maintains her sense of self. Go Team Hilary!


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