Okay, so it's true...

I tricked you! I am not going to be posting mouth watering pictures that will make you swoon and gasp and drool over melty chocolate chip cookies...

...uh, please pause with me while I collect my slobber after writing that.

I promise you, just for this tease, sometime in the near future I WILL post pictures of metly chocolate chip cookies...sigh. Until then!

But the good news is...what I am blogging about are, indeed, called Cookies!

Take a peek at this great find by a private designer! She has many other leather goodies, such as handbags, clutches, and hobos, but these caught my eye!

How darling would these be to give to your beautiful Bridesmaids?! So practical, stylish, innovative, and charming :) What do you think?! Would you like one of these Cookies?!
10/27/2010 10:17:50 am

i was expecting cookies for sure! haha these are VERY cute though!


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