Hair, Hair, Hair!

Hair can make or break your pictures, your day, your mood, your stress level.

Wedding day hair is key, but it doesn't have to be a worrisome task, if you know how to prepare...and well wouldn't you know, I am here to help :)

I suggest, finding many different styles you are mildly interested in...check.

Take pictures of these styles with you to a trial appointment...check.

Have your hair stylist incorporate all of the styles, in one way or another, for you to get a feel for and see what will work...check.

Be realistic about what kind of hair you ALREADY have. If you have always dreamed of whimsical curls and waves, but know that your hair is pin straight and can't keep a curl to save it's life...then move on! Sadly, your hair will not magically transform into locks that have the power to do anything you want them to do, so just be honest with yourself and you can't go wrong.

Remember though, don't do any of the styles to a TEE, if you do, and you love it, it will be impossible to re-make on THE DAY, so don't fret, just have your stylist do a make shift version, so you get an idea of what you love and what you don't!

When I went into my trial appointment, I was dead set on keeping my hair down, and wavey, and natural that what I ended up with?

N to the O!

My stylist and I both realized I have THIN hair, there was no way that as much as my hair stays curly, that it would stay PRETTY throughout the long day. The thinness of my hair would have ended up looking stringy and a nasty mess, so we changed our vision and worked with what we loved.

The end result was perfect and gave the natural feel I had wanted all along, but it was pulled back, to the side, and a little more formal too, because afterall it is your WEDDING DAY :)

Below, I found some amazing 2011 hair trends that are coming our way, and I must admit, as picky as I am when it comes to hair, I love them ALL. I love the way natural touches are becoming bigger, as well as new spins on old classics looks. Enjoy!

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