And so it begins - Happy Holiday Challenge One!

Tell Someone You Love Them

Sounds simple, right?
But how often do we really tell people, day to day, that we love them?

So give it a go - and let's see what you come up with! Write it in a note, send it in an email, tweet it, call them up, tell them face to face, or plant a big ole smooch on someone :)

Please don't be shy - We want to see the love!
So tell us how you completed your Challenge Day One!
12/12/2010 10:43:26 pm

Ry texts me every day at 9AM to tell me :) and i of course tell him too.

12/13/2010 12:24:20 am

I start every morning with smooches and I love you's for Baby E! :) :)


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