So, how was it? It wasn't really THAT hard was it? I mean, it just kind of makes you realize what we all sometimes take for granted, and just how important it is to tell the people we love...that we LOVE them :)

Great job everyone - One down, Eleven to go!

Happy Holiday Challenge Two!

Make A Tree Decoration That Will Remind You Of The Real Reason For The Season

Make any sort of decoration, something small that reminds you of family, something religious that reminds you all that is around you, I think you get the idea! I know you might be thinking, 'hey chica, I don't have TIME to sit down and MAKE a decoration!'

Well poo on you - yes you do! Place a picture that holds a special place in your heart on that tree, or even dig out something that hasn't been hung on that sparkling tree in awhile, be creative - the day is yours :)

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