Ho Ho Ho...I mean, Hello.

I have been regularly singing Christmas tunes, and Santa's known phrase around the house, something I am positive my husband loves....

...I bet he loves it even more when each day I sing Mariah Carey's, 'All I want for Christmas...', and each day I end it differently, always with something very expensive and needed...just kidding, just kidding guys! But not about the singing, just ask him about the singing...

Okay, well onward we push ---> to Thursday!

Happy Holiday Challenge Day Four!

Do A Good Deed Anonymously

Whoa Baby! This is a good one if you ask me! Especially for the time of year. Usually everyone is mildly on edge, given the hustle and bustle, and we cut eachother off, have our own agenda and do not take the time to be as kind as we know we can be to others. Let's remember that person cutting you off on the highway, might be rushing to welcome their baby into the world, or missed a conference call, or forgot to pick up his kids - we just never know, do we?

So let's be that one PERSON, that person that stands out.
The PERSON who a stranger goes home tonight and says,
'honey, you'll never guess what someone did for me today...'

Aren't we all called to be that PERSON?
It's just hard to always remember, I know, we can all relate!
But today, if only for today, let's be that PERSON - won't you join me? :)

Goodluck - And remember, we want to hear about it!

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12/15/2010 10:14:48 pm

Hmm...If I get out and about today, I am ALL OVER this challenge :)


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