Make A "Give List"
Instead Of A List Of Gifts You Would Like

Perhaps a smidgen late to make a list, either way, for some people,
but I say, "Why not?!"

Make a small "give list" for those last minute, memorable gifts, that do not take much time, but a lot of thought :)

Everyone loves getting a gift that they know someone thought long, hard, and really tried to make it me, everyone, even, *gasp* GUYS!

This year, my in laws and us,
did a lot of "thoughtful gift giving"
and hands down, their excitement and look on their faces,
was even better than something from the mall - just give it a try!
A picture, a quote, a poem, a story that means something to them,
anything at all - with a little love, any gift can be the best :)

The countdown is on for's at the END OF THE WEEK!!!!

How has the Happy Holiday Challenge helped you this season
- please share - we would LOVE to hear from you :)

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