Hello little loves!

Today I am looking into the future...why? Because I can, and because FALL is my favo season! I wanted to give a few sneak peeks of ideas I found to all the beautiful Fall Brides out there! Or...we can certainly give them a twist on any season :)

First I found thee CUTEST idea for guest favors in the Fall....

....a Pumpkin Patch!

Who doesn't get excited to go pick out and carve a pumpkin? And what better way for your guests to have a little fun before the Mr. and Mrs. arrive? This one is a huge thumbs up!

The second beautiful idea can really be incorporated into any season...but it is so romantic and adds a lot of drama to any wedding ceremony site, especially outdoors :)

It is a rose petal, or flower petal of your choice filled aisle way. Can you imagine coming as a guest to an evening outdoor ceremony and seeing an aisle way full of flower petals with luminaries lite around it? Amazing...and jaw dropping. This can be easily re-created to fit most venues and locations...just dream it and it can be done!
As always, let me know your thoughts...and what else you would like to see on the blog :) No idea is out of touch for me!

Cheer & Whimsy!
7/29/2010 08:16:00 am

I absolutely love that aisle! My boyfriend and I are hoping to get married next summer so I may be calling when he puts a ring on it! :)

10/30/2012 10:29:03 am

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