So since I just returned from the beach...I realize how important fun, summer drinks are to any restaurant or get together.

Whether it be a yummy lemon drop martini, a strawberry shortcake frozen concoction, a hit-me-hard makers mark old fashion...or a simple, yet oh so satisfying corona light...drinks are a must people!

Below I found the CUTEST summertime drink idea for ANY sort of get together, or heck...for dessert tonight for my hubby and I :) They are shots of vanilla milkshakes with edible chocolate brilliant and fun is that?

Just give me that entire batch and I will be set for the day!

Enjoy and let me know what your favorite summer drinks are this season :)
7/28/2010 07:44:07 am

Those strawberry shortcake drinks in Hilton Head definitely top my list this summer. YUM-O!


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