I think I smell it too! Do you?!

Fridays are such wonderful days, the possibilities of a Friday evening are endless, and for me, spent with quality time with my hubby :)

Now for today's blog, I am beyond giddy to show you what I found...ahh!!!

In fact, let's scratch the words, blog ramble, and my wordy sentences, and cut to the chase...amazing Wedding Gift ideas!!

Here we go!
A beautiful plate...for your guests to sign!!! How darling is that?! Also with a little design that shows ones' Wedding date and names...this screams keepsake! I really just love this! Just think of all the times this can be put to use, or put to show, Anniversaries, special date nights, or just when you both need a reminder :)
Okay, now this is what I had been REALLY giddy about. A Wedding dress sketch! It gives me goosebumps, and makes me want to get my own done, asap! I just love the idea, story, and individuality behind each and every Wedding dress. It is such a personal choice and such a statement as well, on the biggest day of a little girl's life, nonetheless :) This 'takes the cake' for me today...Enjoy!

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