Gray is my go to color...always has been, probably always will be.

Hoodies, scarves, jackets, ruffle shirts, leggings, boots, tanks, and tops....gray gray gray is in my closet! I love wearing gray because you can then add 'pops' of color to any outfit, making it clean, simple, yet classy and stand out.

Gray is miraculously making it's way onto the Bridal season...hooray hooray, I hear gray coming!! And let's just hope it stays!

Just like my wardrobe, when you use gray as a base color in your color scheme for your Wedding, you can then play with so many great 'pops' of color...and have your guests astonished by your sense of style, simplicity, but playfulness!

Take a peek at these gray bridesmaids dresses I found...I love them so much, will someone get engaged, ask me to be their maid and make me wear one?!

Yes? You? Okay, thanks :)

Let me know what YOU think of the new and improved gray!
9/15/2010 08:11:12 am

That first dress is to die for. It would be amazing in any color, especially the gray. Hmmmmm I wonder what sparked this blog idea... could it be the fabulous scarf you just bought yesterday that happens to be gray? ;)

My philosophy - you can wear gray any way any day! :)


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