Here it has finally arrived! Did this year seem to FLY by to anyone else?

I really cannot believe it is DECEMBER. The last, magical, delightful, longfully anticipated month...has arrived!

I love a December Wedding, they are cozy, romantic, and least in my head!

And go figure, on December 1st, we woke up to snow outside our door - not a lot, but just enough to make you go, 'aaah, snow (with a smile)'....and then two minutes later, cringe and think, 'eek, omg, snow, I am not ready for this crappola'

Any which way you feel about December, Snow, or Winter in general, it has arrived, and let's welcome it with open, happy, hopeful arms....with a glass of your fav adult beverage in your right hand :)

Okay enough jibber jabber, I found this sweet picture to welcome in the season!
Let's be clear here, we didn't wake up to THAT much snow, but it does look peaceful, angelic, and a picture! Come on, we don't want that in person!

Next up, is a delightful idea that I found to do IN HOME or FOR YOUR WEDDING!

You can dress this idea up any which way you like - your mantel - an open end table - a pretty shelf...or your round tables - card table - even head table...for your Wedding!
Do you like? Do you love? Do you hate? WHAT! You hate it??? Oh, you were kidding, good! You better watch it though...I'm not a jokester...

Cheers to a Warm, Fuzzy, Cozy, Peaceful, Happy, Healthy, Memorable December!

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