Have you been good this year? Wait! I mean really, have you been good, kind, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, understanding, loving, giving, all that and more? See, I thought so...

Of course most of us have the best intentions,
but do we really carry them out throughout the whole year?

No matter how sweet we THINK we are, there is always room for improvement, wouldn't you agree?

So I say, let's improve, let's give 2010 one last 'hooray' from each and every one of us before we ring in 2011 - won't you join me?

Starting Monday, December 13th, I will be hosting the FIRST EVER -

Each day will be a new task, goal, act, deed, or something of the sort, and I want you all to share them, spread the love (just like the frosting on those cut-out cookies!) with all of us!

You can join on Facebook, Twitter, or the Blog - and we hope to help inspire each and every one of you, to look around, and see what just a little sprinkle of sweetness to another person can do for everyone :)

Are you in?! Oh, you want you friends and family to join too?
Well duh, sillypants, they can join too!

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