This IB takes on a color scheme that just makes my toes wiggle! Gray and Yellow? Yes, Gray and Yellow! How enchanting, how inviting, how unique, rolls with many seasons!

One of my Bride's I am working with has been discussing dress options other than strapless, that is how the Wedding dress inspiration came to my eyes. The yellow bridesmaid dress color just popped. It is simple and clean, yet a bold, fun color! I also LOVE the flower hair piece :)

Next are the cake and flowers...clean, simple, yet whimsical colors. I love the bright yellow flower being a common theme between the two...much like streamlining to keep a like element in each area.

The invites and goodie bags also go with the simple, clean, and also yellow color scheme. Less is more in my book? And those shoes...jaw dropping! I say splurge on those shoes, make them wearable more than once, and have fun, play them up, or play them down, whichever fits your personality :) I didn't have blue shoes under my Wedding dress for nothing!

Finally...we all need something blue, don't we? Well, brides anyways...I found this to die for hand-stitched clutch with blue accents. Amazing, simple...and girlfriend, you better use it again! Let me all know what you think of this first IB of mine :) Cheers!
9/7/2010 10:08:42 am

Love the yellow. Very happy :)

9/7/2010 11:55:44 am

Oh Gray & Yellow, how you make my heart smile! :) Works for everything in every way! Whether it be home decor, wedding colors, or fashion, you just can't go wrong!

9/7/2010 12:03:48 pm

Yes!!!!! I saw these colors after I had one too many decisions made with purple and gray in mind. If I could do it over, it'd be Yellow!! Love it!


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