So I am a firm believer in the details....and making the little things count. Not only do they add to the day of the wedding, but when you find thoughtful put in unexpected places...everyone usually walks away with a smile on their face.

I love hand written notes, and thank you's...and heart felt poems or song lyrics. For our parents gifts, Ryan and I found poems and song lyrics, had them printed on pretty paper, in pretty font, and framed them. Those are something timeless, that can always remind them of our day!

Here are a few things I found that made me smile...
Customized wedding day labels! Adorable, how neat are those? A small clutch, with the wedding date, or each girl's name/initials. So thoughtful and memorable! Also the ties! Love this...I love it more and wish I would have thought of it, because Ryan and the men in our wedding all got to keep their ties. Trust me, Ryan does not forget which tie he wore on our wedding day...label or not :)

Next up is something is so practical and stylish...think of using these for outdoor ceremonies...or even inside a hot, unairconditioned church...sorry Hubby!
These can double as favors too, and you can keep with any theme throughout your wedding...A personal fav. of mine is a poem that means something to yourself and your groom :)

Cheers & Whimsy.
Paige Aten
7/13/2010 12:54:46 am

I absolutely love the wedding day labels on the ties and other accessories! When I get married I will definitely be doing that. So glad you posted it! --Paige A.


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