So with high hopes, if there is a Groom to Be in the audience...or for the sake of the Bride's are some awesome finds for the Groom's attire!

I found these next three options at JCrew...something you can purchase and keep forever for those nights your new wife forces you to go to that fancy schmancy restaurant or out to a Holiday party ;)

You won't even have to think twice because you know she DIED when she saw you in that suit on your Wedding day and she will be smitten all over again that you remembered to throw it on! I would give 5 solid points for that!

Okay so up first....
The new and improved grey suit! What a refreshing color to see those handsome Groomsmen in! It is stylish, bold, different...but not TOO different....

....great color for an outdoor Wedding in the Spring or Summer...something casual, yet classic!

Next up....
The tan suit! How striking would this suit color be for a Fall Wedding?! Whoa baby!

Looks chic and modern, but the color keeps it old school to some this option!

And...of course...we cannot leave out the go to style for your dashing Groom when that music starts and a Bride lifts her head and sees her main squeeze waiting on her :)

I could not leave out the tux! It has been there, done that, and will be around for light years to come...and I for one am not sad that it will always be here :)

Let me know what you guys and gals think of these options! Would your season play the biggest role? Or your Wedding day theme? What would make you choose your Groom's attire and why?

Let me know loves - and keep on keeping on ;)
8/20/2010 03:51:05 am

The tan option is my ultimate FAV! When Ty & I finally tie the knot, we're thinking of a fall wedding so that would work perfectly! :) Just waiting on that ring...


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