Here comes the Bride...wait is that her??

Nothing peeves me more than going to a fabulous Wedding, knowing the Bride will be beyond beautiful...turning to see her come down the aisle...and seeing her hair in the most formal up do, pasted to her head...come on girlfriend!! You deserve better!

More times than not a girl rarely wears her hair so formal and slicked back in everyday life...I am I right? I think so!

My advice to Brides...along with every aspect of your Wedding...dum dum da...


There is no written code of Bridal bliss that states a girl must wear her hair so formal and glued to her head that if the slightest bit of a breeze goes by it is wrecked!

I believe that on your Wedding day a Bride should look like the most beautiful version of herself! If that means keeping hair light and loose, do it! If that means letting extra curls hang down, do it! If that means not curling your hair at all, don't do it! Do what you know looks best on YOU!

I fancy a girl who is a bit bold in her hairstyle and tries new things...heck keep it the way you normally wear it if you wish - at least your dashing guests will know that pretty face when they see it :)

A huge new trend, which I do not forsee staying a trend, but more of a statement piece is...

FLOWERS! Flowers in the HAIR!

How adorable and breathtaking...not only will your guests drool when they hear the music start, the back church doors open, your gown makes their jaw drop, your veil gives you the most angelic silhouette, but look...there is the most dainty and intimate flower placed ever so gently in the Bride's hair....

...all together now...Ooo Aaahh...

Enjoy Loves ;)
Casey Bostelman
8/18/2010 11:22:03 am

I was just wondering the other day if I needed to grow my hair out so that it can be up for my wedding day. Long hair does not look good on me so I was dreading having nasty hair for 8 months just so I could put it up on this one day. Thanks for the timely advice :) ... and, I already have my flower for my hair, LOVE IT!

8/20/2010 03:56:44 am

I couldn't agree with you more! If you wear your hair up all of the time, then you can certainly do a formal up do. If not, rock it down. AND the flowers, oh how I LOVE the flowers! j crew has amazing flower hair accessories this season, check them out! :)


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