I was searching high and low for more ideas to remember the near and dear ones that help each and every couple celebrate the most memorable day of their lives...

....and I found one!

This Wedding had an enchanting idea of using a chalk board, a polaroid camera, and a back drop of any sort...oh, and your guests!

While each guest or couple arrives, they take a gigglin', smiley, happy, full of love, bustin' at the seams to dance, celebratory picture with the 'said sign', in this case chalk board...in front of the 'said back drop', in this case a cute vintage quilt...and ta da!

The picture develops, it is taped inside the guest book and the guests get to write their names or a little note of happiness...to the happy couple :)

Simple, unique, inexpensive, and very creative for your amazing day!

How cute is this?!
Cassie Rock
9/14/2010 10:18:10 am

I love this idea!!! Well I love the idea of taking a pic of the guests and then having them put it in a book and write a message next to it. I don't really understand the chalk board thing, do the guests decide what to write on it? Definitely good food or thought :)

9/14/2010 02:38:08 pm

Love the idea and your blog is full of beautiful images!



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