Oh if only we could get married again....!

Not to a different man, duh. But the fun of planning, deciding, choosing....

Finding the dress, picking the color scheme...all those options that make me grin with delight!! But alas...I would never want to do my day all over again, because it was beyond perfect the way it was. Infact, if we tried again, I doubt it could be as perfect as it was :)

I have to admit, I still browse and search wedding dresses...a lot. I cannot get over all the different paths one could go down on one of the biggest decisions, THE DRESS.

Here are some gorgeous finds....okay, I didn't find them, I have had my eye on them for quite some time...
Even more exciting...these are all from JCrew! Absolutely in love.

Let me know....whether you are a first time Bride to Be...or could do it again, what would your style be? It's your day, put your heart into it.

Cheers & Whimsy.
7/12/2010 09:56:09 pm

i LOVE the red shoes!!!


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