Hello all! :) Happy Monday!

I am going to recap an amazing, fantastic, fun filled day that occurred late last week!

My beautiful Mother and her Best Friend decided to come down and give little ole me a visit...as well as take me along to dress shop with them! The dress shopping was for my Mother's friend...her son is getting married this September! Congrats Ginny & Nate, and of course girlfriends...she needs something KILLER to wear. Of course I don't think she would refer to anything as 'killer' that she wants to wear to the wedding...but let's roll with it. That is what I was looking for :)

To my Mother's friend's surprise, she found THREE amazing dresses. One was new, modern, hip, and form fitting :) Yes, Mother's can show their shape, please do not be afraid! The second was what she normally was drawn too...something more traditional, not as figure showing, and more muted. The third was classy, elegant, but also had the modern and form fitting vibe going for it. What impressed my Mother's friend was that as I took phone pics for her to be able to see what she would look like...the second option, which she was sure she was the most comfortable in and looked the best, was quite the opposite! Because the dress shape was so 'boxy'...it seemed to add much more volume and weight where there was none! The other two, which hugged her pretty little figure more, actually looked so flattering! I must say, she was pleasantly surprised! She ended up and took the first and third dresses home with her...and will be debuting her pick at the wedding! What a fun and noteworthy day :)

Below, I found some Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom dresses that I think are a fresh and modern update on what the ladies can now be confident enough to wear...

...nothing is wrong with looking good and feeling even better :)

Enjoy, and let your Mother's take a peek too!
8/9/2010 10:56:09 am

LOVE these!! Super stylish and classy!


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