Something that has been new in the Wedding world, but taking off like mad is...

....After Parties! How neat, a romantic afternoon/evening Wedding...dancing away, chatting up your guests...not overwhelming yourself...saying thank you and buh bye...

....then, let's take the party down the street!

Be it a reserved room at your fav restaurant, a hotel hospitality room, or any place that reminds the happy couple of...them :)

I found this to die for dress, kind of like an outfit change...for the Bride to slip into for her after party! Heck, she doesn't even need an after party to make this killer switch, I would slip into it after I cut my cake :)

Let me know what you think of this outfit change, or after party trend that is slowly make it's way into the Wedding scene! I say, a change could do you good ;)
9/14/2010 12:41:27 am

Welp, count me in! ;) I even have the after party dress picked out!


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