It's not a secret...if you know me know I LOVE my sweets!

I suppose that could have multiple meanings...I love sweet food, or I love my hubby!

Both I am okay with :)

But for the pleasure of you taking a peek at the blog...I assume you imagined it would involve food...and not Ryan. Sorry Ryan...maybe next time!

Below I found two great displays of using sweets for reception favors! What a cute, color, quirky, and inexpensive way to treat your guests :)

Let me know what ya think...what else would you use to give your guests as a sweet treat?!

Enjoy! Mmmm! 
9/2/2010 12:03:20 am

Even though I am not a "sweets" person, I know there will be people at my wedding that would enjoy something of that sort (cough, Megan Sonnenberg, cough, cough). I really love your idea of gourmet marshmallows. Also, having apples with a push pin to hold people's name cards is the most brilliant idea. You are truly an amazing wedding planner!!


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