I thought I would touch upon table top inspiration...I recently helped a Bride of mine brainstorm about her color scheme and how to bring it to life properly on a table top!

So many different routes can be taken, but you really need to play with the colors and see what takes your eye. Many times, something sounds good in theory, but once that table linen and chair cover meet...ick! So just be playful and go to the fabric store, dig out swatches, and mix-match away! Sometimes a colored napkin can make all the difference in the world too...yes, that teeny tiny napkin!

Here I found some late Fall table tops that caught my eyes...

...I love the warm, cozy, romantic feel that most of these seem to give off - which one is your favorite and why? :)

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11/16/2010 10:11:23 pm

Oh how I love the warmth and romantic feel of the first one! Yum! ;)


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