If you haven't experienced it, chances are you will.

When you find suddenly realize life is much better when that special someone is around...a few more belly laughs, many more smirks, and your heart beats a little faster.

I found this enchanting idea for a couple to do, not only for their Wedding, but a forever reminder of what makes HE or SHE so very loved by the other. (And I was not intending to use bad grammar, continue reading and you will realize why I put he/she instead of him/her :))

This couple each wrote down 20-30 things, statements, words, or phrases that expressed why they loved the other so painfully much :) They then put the graphics HE and SHE within the statements and sentences...

...what a beautiful gift and what a delightful reminder.

I would sum up Ryan as being the Lime to my Corona. I can always drink one on its own...

...but it sure is better with that Lime :)

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