October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

...what a great month, to promote awesome awareness of breast health, honoring survivors & fighters, and helping in any small way, shape, or form to find a cure!

I am dedicating this beginning of October blog to all things PINK!
So what is your opinion on a PINK! Wedding?! I was never the biggest fan of PINK! in my life...but when I saw these light PINK! flowers, I slowly fell in love with the soft tone...especially if they are used for soft pops of color, as opposed to a bright PINK! theme that I have never fancied much...but this color scheme is ever so eye pleasing!

...Can anyone guess what flowers are showcased in the bouquet & mason jars?!

...Free consultation to anyone who can answer it :)
10/4/2010 09:30:34 am

They're peonies (I think) hehehehe. My grandma has some bushes.

But I don't really need a consultation at the moment. You can keep my comment hidden and let someone else get it :D


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