Hello lovelies :)

Today I thought I would take the time to share with you what I have been reflecting on in the past day or so...


Memories, be it pictures, momentos, or kind words written in a card, are something we can all always cherish and keep near our hearts when we need a pick me up from time to time. Not only are they for pick me ups, but they are also for those times when we want  to reflect on a happy day, a memorable hour, or that unforgettable summer you could re-live over and over and over...sigh :)

So I found a unique and memorable way to display all those sweet and kind words of advice from your loved ones on your wedding day....plates!

At first it sounds a tad crazy....but stay with me. Select that to die for china that Aunt Betty got you for your shower...you realize you will NEVER use that china...right? Okay good. Next, use that china, or any special plate of your choosing to have your guests write on for the big day. Use different shapes, sizes, and styles of plates or china....and make sure you find pens or markers that will not wipe off....and wa la.

Okay it's not exactly wa la until we finish...so next step. Next, after you return from that amazing, spectacular honeymoon...hang them up! Dedicate your bare kitchen wall to your beautiful, words of widsom china that all your lovely guests took the time to write on. Not only will you forever have those cheerful messages and heart warming reminders of your big day within eye sight...but you will have also created an artful wall piece for your dinner guests to gush over! Two birds, one stone, mission complete!
And, although it is a day late in posting...it was not a day late in celebrating...

I am wishing my handsome husband a Happy TWO Month Anniversary :) Cheesey? Sure...

Exciting? Yes!

Here is to many many many more :)
5/2/2012 12:14:50 pm

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