Have you ever wondered...that today could be YOUR day?

You might ask...'well, what do you mean, what am I waiting for?' And my answer is....

...Anything. Anything that fills up your day and makes life that much more enjoyable.

Sometimes I think we don't make the most of each day...letting days pass by...

...thinking, 'I wish I would have filled my day up a little more...'

I am going to be that little birdie on your shoulder who says...'Go, Go, Go for it!!!'

It might sound silly, but honestly, whatever it may be...go for it, make each day count, and have no regrets of wishing what you would have or would not have done.

It could be as simple as getting up the nerves to talk to a co-worker, or trying that different cafe' for lunch instead of the same ole same ole...or something as fresh as a new hair cut, why not? Change creates change...and change, is good. It might take some time to realize it at times...but it is!

Today, I can proudly say I filled up my day with wonderful girlfriends, a few doggie walks, met a new neighbor, a very productive work day, and of course a treat...a lowfat strawberry smoothie from Panera type of treat...and yes, I made it a large!

Today also was historic, stop the presses, ring the bells....my adorable, beautiful, kind, and thoughtful friend...(you know who you are) found her WEDDING DRESS!

My jaw dropped...I hadn't seen a more radiant, flawless Bride just TRYING on her Wedding dress! Honestly, who looks like she could walk down the aisle just the day of picking her dress out? Ummm my friend, boo ya! I have amazing friends.

I am so giddy to think that this time next year I will be able to showcase her dress, her venue, her shoes, her flowers....HER DAY! :) Obviously, I cannot wait!

Now onto the quick blog and food for thought....being different, like I usually stress, but I found some awesome floral catches, and I think you will love them too!

First up is a kick butt giant flower for ones dress, just think how amazing this could look on a simple, no sparkle, no bling dress....plus you can take it on and off as much as you like throughout your Big Day...and even better, your can wear it again, cha ching!
Next up is another to die for hair piece! I am in love with these to accent your Wedding Day hair...up, down, tossled, pin straight, add a little spice...I mean it is the one and only day when showing case your true, blue taste needs to be showing, so please Brides, do not ever be bashful about being YOU!
9/20/2010 01:08:50 pm

Pass the tissues please! I seriously had tears rolling down my face as I read that aloud to Ty. You are such an amazing person and friend. I love you! Oh, and you're a fantastic wedding planner too! :) You continue to rock my socks off everyday!


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