So...if you cannot take a hint by the picture on my home page, I love shoes. I not only love shoes, I think a small, probably not super small...piece of my heart belongs to them.

My Husband confessed that he counted my shoes in the closet quickly the other day. Why? I have no idea...maybe he is jealous, but he reprimanded me that it was in the range of 40 something...

Now to be fair, I do not just buy shoes left and right, a shoe has to speak to me. I can be in the mall...not looking for shoes whatsoever and BAM, hello new shoe!

That is exactly what happened to me when I found my blue wedding shoes. I fell in love with them...maybe that was the cause for Ryan counting...?

At any are important on your big day, and what is more important is that they resemble YOU, the Bride!

You do not have to fall into the category of simple white or ivory, no, not anymore my bold, be brave, be yourself, and wear what makes your heart pitter patter.

These made my heart pitter patter...if only I was using the color red in my scheme...

Maybe for the Anniversary? :)


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