Think different...

Think keepsake...

Think, wow'ing the guests...

Think of it as a treasure you can always keep and remember :)

A guest TREE! Not a guest book...boring! A guest tree! Where you invest in (or create) a sketch of a tree, with many branches on a beautiful piece of card stock, or whatever you prefer. Then, as the guests arrive, one by one, you have multiple ink colors ready for them to put a finger print in and place on any tree branch. They then write their names, or family name...ta da!

Now tell me this isn't brilliant, new, fresh, modern, and something that will melt not only your heart, but your guests as well :)
9/2/2010 12:51:55 am

This is such a cute idea! And what a great piece of art for the couple's new home!

9/2/2010 01:05:19 am

Eeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! :) I'm in love. This one is way better than the one I looked at! Just another reason I'm glad I went with 29 peonies for my wedding planning! You rock!


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