So I had been thinking about something sweet, simple, and suitable to combine YOU, the followers, and ME, the blogger, to interact.

I came up with something that I think you all will enjoy...

...Wedding Waves

I will be first posting my own Wedding pictures, for you all to take a peek at, and would LOVE if you sent me yours! It will let everyone see first hand, what YOU guys are thinking, creating, making, designing, and loving.

I also think it is so sweet and memorable to highlight each lovely ladies' special day.

It goes by WAY too fast, and who doesn't want to coo, sigh, gasp, and brag about their own big day...I know I do!

So, starting tomorrow, I will be featuring MYSELF on Wedding Wave...

...Wedding Wave came to me because it's like a big ole wave of love, each and every Wedding!

No one wave is like another, nor is YOUR Wedding like anyone elses :)

To be featured on 29 Peonies' Wedding Wave,
please email me via this site, or my email which is
[email protected]

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