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Here is a great article I found if anyone is considering hiring an Event Planner!

Hiring an Event Planner is not just for big budgets or wallets anymore, it can be centralized around each event, budget, timeline, and individual limits!

Remember...enjoying your special event is worth every bit of the Event Planner taking on your stress ;)


Why Hire an Event Planner?
by Paula Scutella-Jagos

In the past, many have thought that hiring an event planner was an extravagance only meant for the elite. After all, why spend money for something you could "do yourself"? Today, however, times have changed.

The costs and complexity of planning any event, but most especially weddings, have many people turning to an event planner. Here are some reasons why you should hire an event planner:

  • Save yourself the hassle, time and energy.
  • You will be able to enjoy the event with out worry or stress.
  • They work within your budget.
  • They make sure things run smoothly from start to finish and every little detail in between.
  • They can help you with venue selection, budget, contracts, design and decor, making sure all your expectations are met.
  • They have established relationships with many vendors, which will save you time and money when they make the arrangements (food, lights, entertainment, etc.).
  • You can feel like a guest at your own party with out having to worry about how everything is running.
  • They do full planning, month-of planning and day-of coordination.
These are just a few reasons how an event planner can help to make your event flawless. Whether it be for a corporate event or meeting, wedding, birthday party or family reunion, make sure to celebrate with a big bang! Hire an event planner and celebrate without stress.

8/23/2010 12:29:30 pm

I seriously can not wait until you're my event planner! You have the most amazing ideas ever! ♥


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