Hello lovelies :)

Today I thought I would take the time to share with you what I have been reflecting on in the past day or so...


Memories, be it pictures, momentos, or kind words written in a card, are something we can all always cherish and keep near our hearts when we need a pick me up from time to time. Not only are they for pick me ups, but they are also for those times when we want  to reflect on a happy day, a memorable hour, or that unforgettable summer you could re-live over and over and over...sigh :)

So I found a unique and memorable way to display all those sweet and kind words of advice from your loved ones on your wedding day....plates!

At first it sounds a tad crazy....but stay with me. Select that to die for china that Aunt Betty got you for your shower...you realize you will NEVER use that china...right? Okay good. Next, use that china, or any special plate of your choosing to have your guests write on for the big day. Use different shapes, sizes, and styles of plates or china....and make sure you find pens or markers that will not wipe off....and wa la.

Okay it's not exactly wa la until we finish...so next step. Next, after you return from that amazing, spectacular honeymoon...hang them up! Dedicate your bare kitchen wall to your beautiful, words of widsom china that all your lovely guests took the time to write on. Not only will you forever have those cheerful messages and heart warming reminders of your big day within eye sight...but you will have also created an artful wall piece for your dinner guests to gush over! Two birds, one stone, mission complete!
And, although it is a day late in posting...it was not a day late in celebrating...

I am wishing my handsome husband a Happy TWO Month Anniversary :) Cheesey? Sure...

Exciting? Yes!

Here is to many many many more :)
Hello little loves!

Today I am looking into the future...why? Because I can, and because FALL is my favo season! I wanted to give a few sneak peeks of ideas I found to all the beautiful Fall Brides out there! Or...we can certainly give them a twist on any season :)

First I found thee CUTEST idea for guest favors in the Fall....

....a Pumpkin Patch!

Who doesn't get excited to go pick out and carve a pumpkin? And what better way for your guests to have a little fun before the Mr. and Mrs. arrive? This one is a huge thumbs up!

The second beautiful idea can really be incorporated into any season...but it is so romantic and adds a lot of drama to any wedding ceremony site, especially outdoors :)

It is a rose petal, or flower petal of your choice filled aisle way. Can you imagine coming as a guest to an evening outdoor ceremony and seeing an aisle way full of flower petals with luminaries lite around it? Amazing...and jaw dropping. This can be easily re-created to fit most venues and locations...just dream it and it can be done!
As always, let me know your thoughts...and what else you would like to see on the blog :) No idea is out of touch for me!

Cheer & Whimsy!
So since I just returned from the beach...I realize how important fun, summer drinks are to any restaurant or get together.

Whether it be a yummy lemon drop martini, a strawberry shortcake frozen concoction, a hit-me-hard makers mark old fashion...or a simple, yet oh so satisfying corona light...drinks are a must people!

Below I found the CUTEST summertime drink idea for ANY sort of get together, or heck...for dessert tonight for my hubby and I :) They are shots of vanilla milkshakes with edible chocolate straws...how brilliant and fun is that?

Just give me that entire batch and I will be set for the day!

Enjoy and let me know what your favorite summer drinks are this season :)
What is more fun then traveling to new, sometimes exotic places, with your significant other? I would say not much at all could top that.

As a bride comes to compile different ideas for table numbers or decorations, I found this dazzling idea, that also lets the guests take a peek at where you all have been :)

This couple used vintage wooden frames and engraved all the different trips they had taken together and then inserted a photo from that adventure!

What a personal, intimate idea...and a fun way for the guests to mingle before the new Mr. and Mrs. arrive :)
Hello Hello my little loves!

I have returned from the beaches of Hilton Head....re-engergized and ready to show you little sneak peeks of creative event ideas!

As I was gone for about 10 plus days...I skipped the diet, tried my best to run/bike on the beach each morning....but also, like every SENSIBLE girl should do, indulge in the local FOOD! Local food on this trip meant amazing seafood, mouth watering tapas, fru fru beach drinks...and delightful desserts!

If you know me, desserts make my heart smile....so needless to say, I am returning home from 10 plus nights of desserts...eek, we will step on the scale next week!

Here is an adorable find for a dessert idea for any special event. Try it at your summer cookout, that business pot luck you need to make something for, your relative's birthday bash...or, my favorite, duh...your wedding reception! Enjoy ;)
Every Bride wants to have something unique and special about THEIR day...so it's always fun to be creative and especially not be afraid to try new things.

I came upon this absolutely stunning display of love during a couple's wedding ceremony...and I just fell head over heels!

Let me know what you think...and to give away a hint because you wouldn't know otherwise...when the officiant said 'You may now kiss the Bride..." The wedding party turned the letters to show the back of them spelling out...."X O X O" How brilliant and enchanting is that? Ahh...love! :)
 I have a question for everyone, do you love food??

I do I do I do!!!! I am going to go ahead and assume (not to make an ass out of myself, but because most people believe that food provides their body nourishment) that you all do as well. I am not sure why people say that food is the way to a man's heart...I sure as heck know that food is the way to my SOUL.

Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but you get the point.

I mean I will confess, I only happily lay my head down at night because I know I can EAT when I wake up. And sadly while I nibble on my yummolicious breakfast...I usually day dream of what I will have for lunch...and dinner too...oh and what to have for dessert? Everyone deserves dessert, everyday [:

With all my preaching about my love of food, and knowing that most people can probably relate...

I have one monumental piece of advice for anyone planning a feet frenzied dancing celebration...or even the type of celebration that you sit around and chitter chatter into the wee hours of the morning...

...do not skimp on the food!

Food is honestly one of the things your guests will walk away remembering. I hate to break it to you, but they will probably not remember your Waterford Crystal vases filled with rich floral arrangements, delicately placed upon gorgeous table linens...I mean I know I would, but the average person will not...Bummer.

So make your food count. Make those h'orderves sizzle and make your guests mouths drool when they see the main course, it will be worth the buzz....and the reminiscing for years to come [:
Here is a little inspiration for everyone this morning...I truly believe there is nothing one can do if they put they heart in it [:
So as I leave for the beach in a few days...two days, it got me looking through my clothing, my beach clothes to be exact. Perfect time to pull out all my summer dresses, maxxi dresses, cover ups, etc...

As I combed my closet, I came across my cute dresses I wore for my showers, rehearsal dinner, the day after the wedding, and of course, to the Bahamas...ah the Bahamas....

Okay, back to reality, I came across some adorable finds and inspirations for events before one's wedding, the showers, bachelorette party, engagement party, rehearsal, honeymoon, etc...
Okay, so you don't have to find the funky head piece...but it's cute, and it helps to remind all women out there, to be yourself! If you are confident in it, it works. I love the green celery color, its fresh, organic, and can hold it's own. It's also a super flirty dress cut, great for a bride to be!
Okay so this one is the eye candy and what I will be browsing the store racks for tomorrow. This white number rocks. And being white, the bride can wear it to any event she pleases. It can be casual or dressy, choose your shoes wisely and you are set. My goodness if I can just find this before the beach Friday...I will be in heaven. Wish me luck!

Cheers & Whimsy.
So I am a firm believer in the details....and making the little things count. Not only do they add to the day of the wedding, but when you find thoughtful put in unexpected places...everyone usually walks away with a smile on their face.

I love hand written notes, and thank you's...and heart felt poems or song lyrics. For our parents gifts, Ryan and I found poems and song lyrics, had them printed on pretty paper, in pretty font, and framed them. Those are something timeless, that can always remind them of our day!

Here are a few things I found that made me smile...
Customized wedding day labels! Adorable, how neat are those? A small clutch, with the wedding date, or each girl's name/initials. So thoughtful and memorable! Also the ties! Love this...I love it more and wish I would have thought of it, because Ryan and the men in our wedding all got to keep their ties. Trust me, Ryan does not forget which tie he wore on our wedding day...label or not :)

Next up is something is so practical and stylish...think of using these for outdoor ceremonies...or even inside a hot, unairconditioned church...sorry Hubby!
These can double as favors too, and you can keep with any theme throughout your wedding...A personal fav. of mine is a poem that means something to yourself and your groom :)

Cheers & Whimsy.