It's not a secret...if you know me know I LOVE my sweets!

I suppose that could have multiple meanings...I love sweet food, or I love my hubby!

Both I am okay with :)

But for the pleasure of you taking a peek at the blog...I assume you imagined it would involve food...and not Ryan. Sorry Ryan...maybe next time!

Below I found two great displays of using sweets for reception favors! What a cute, color, quirky, and inexpensive way to treat your guests :)

Let me know what ya think...what else would you use to give your guests as a sweet treat?!

Enjoy! Mmmm! 
...does not always stay in Vegas...

...which is a wonderful thing!!!

This blog is dedicated to one of my very best friends...She was magically proposed to by her sweet fiance (we love him too)...out in Vegas this past weekend!

I could not be happier for the two of them...they are so deserving of this oh so happy, wonderful, whimsical moment in their lives!!

Now the crunch is on for me and all my awesome Brides :)

Wedding weekends are filling up next year - with one very big one next August... if you want to book my chic services or consultations, please do not hesitate to ask!

Happy Engagement Nicole & Ty :)
Looking for those different, unique, special, stand out type ideas at your Wedding reception? Look no further!

Okay...well keep looking, but also take a peek at these!
Instead of calling it the 'and' sign...I will give you it's name, Ampersand! Lame, I know. But how cute is this when strung between the Bride & Groom's chairs? It's a keeper! And hopefully the Groom is too ;)
Fabulous idea here girlies, check it out - a chalk back drop - with anything of your choosing drawn upon it! This couple had a friend draw the skyline of their city on it! So brillaint! You could also double this as a guest book/advice board and then make sure pictures are taken of all the sweet notes!
You know that space...the space between where you walk in the reception doors until you get to the table where you pick up your seating table number? Ah, yes, THAT space. Well, fill it up! This coulple hung pretty string and ribbon along the walls to the reception, adding pictures of the couple and their family. They also added funny rsvp notes for the guests to take a chuckle at...laughs along the way :)
Hosting an outdoor reception...under a divine white tent?! I have just the added zest! You know how as the toe wiggling and wine drinking night goes on...and the sun slowly sets...those tent ROPES can become quite the obstacle or hazard in some instances...I found just the trick. Dress up the tent ropes with linen flags or dazzling ribbons to catch your guests eyes and attention. Add it to your color scheme and kill two birds with one delightful idea!
We all remember where we came from...or do we? Spice up a corner of the reception wall or adorn frames on a table with pictures of family members Wedding photos :) Hunt, hunt, hunt waaaaay back when, and find that Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandma's Wedding photo and just see the smiles on your families faces :)

Per usual...let me know what YOU fabulous gals think of these ideas :)



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Here is a great article I found if anyone is considering hiring an Event Planner!

Hiring an Event Planner is not just for big budgets or wallets anymore, it can be centralized around each event, budget, timeline, and individual limits!

Remember...enjoying your special event is worth every bit of the Event Planner taking on your stress ;) 

Why Hire an Event Planner?
by Paula Scutella-Jagos

In the past, many have thought that hiring an event planner was an extravagance only meant for the elite. After all, why spend money for something you could "do yourself"? Today, however, times have changed.

The costs and complexity of planning any event, but most especially weddings, have many people turning to an event planner. Here are some reasons why you should hire an event planner:

  • Save yourself the hassle, time and energy.
  • You will be able to enjoy the event with out worry or stress.
  • They work within your budget.
  • They make sure things run smoothly from start to finish and every little detail in between.
  • They can help you with venue selection, budget, contracts, design and decor, making sure all your expectations are met.
  • They have established relationships with many vendors, which will save you time and money when they make the arrangements (food, lights, entertainment, etc.).
  • You can feel like a guest at your own party with out having to worry about how everything is running.
  • They do full planning, month-of planning and day-of coordination.
These are just a few reasons how an event planner can help to make your event flawless. Whether it be for a corporate event or meeting, wedding, birthday party or family reunion, make sure to celebrate with a big bang! Hire an event planner and celebrate without stress. love!

Do you love different patterns, new prints, and ruffles as much as I do? Check out this kickin' online boutique and gobble up the great finds...but not before I do :)

I also found some dainty, sweet, and delicate necklaces that I just die for (props to Rachel Zoe for that) and I think you will too!

Spice up your wardrobe with these hanging jewels...and even try them on for size when deciding what to wear when walking down the aisle...I do I do I do to these necklaces!

....Vintage inspired and can never go wrong :)

Let me know what you think of these finds and the boutique!
This blog is dedicated night! Whether you have a date night with your wife, husband, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, or...a near and dear friend, date night it crucial!

Not only is it a set time carved out each week, but it gives you something to look forward to each week....because you know it is YOUR time with that special person :)

Ryan and I started date night a few years back...we really can't remember how or when exactly it started, but every Thursday (okay maybe not EVERY for the past few years, but you get the point!) we go out to dinner, or a movie, or putt putt, or shopping, or something lovely that makes us both excited to get out of the house and spend some one on one time together.

Ryan works a crazy mad schedule, so when I know Thursday is almost here...I am jumping for joy! I would like to think that he does too...he just doesn't have a blog to profess it on :)

So here is my challenge for YOU readers...infact, I know you people are reading this, so why do you not comment?! Hmmph!

I have sources that show almost 100 of you each day are sneaking a peek at this blog, so let me know what you are thinking inside that pretty little head of yours :)

First challenge...let me know what YOUR ritual date night is, or if you don't have one yet, what you would like it to be! Tell me the day, what you usually do...where you go, how it started...gush about it, puhlease!

For the most unique date night comment I find, I will be sending out a reward, so take a moment to share your thoughts ;)

Below I found some lovely photos for inspiration...Enjoy!
So with high hopes, if there is a Groom to Be in the audience...or for the sake of the Bride's are some awesome finds for the Groom's attire!

I found these next three options at JCrew...something you can purchase and keep forever for those nights your new wife forces you to go to that fancy schmancy restaurant or out to a Holiday party ;)

You won't even have to think twice because you know she DIED when she saw you in that suit on your Wedding day and she will be smitten all over again that you remembered to throw it on! I would give 5 solid points for that!

Okay so up first....
The new and improved grey suit! What a refreshing color to see those handsome Groomsmen in! It is stylish, bold, different...but not TOO different....

....great color for an outdoor Wedding in the Spring or Summer...something casual, yet classic!

Next up....
The tan suit! How striking would this suit color be for a Fall Wedding?! Whoa baby!

Looks chic and modern, but the color keeps it old school to some this option!

And...of course...we cannot leave out the go to style for your dashing Groom when that music starts and a Bride lifts her head and sees her main squeeze waiting on her :)

I could not leave out the tux! It has been there, done that, and will be around for light years to come...and I for one am not sad that it will always be here :)

Let me know what you guys and gals think of these options! Would your season play the biggest role? Or your Wedding day theme? What would make you choose your Groom's attire and why?

Let me know loves - and keep on keeping on ;)
 Here comes the Bride...wait is that her??

Nothing peeves me more than going to a fabulous Wedding, knowing the Bride will be beyond beautiful...turning to see her come down the aisle...and seeing her hair in the most formal up do, pasted to her head...come on girlfriend!! You deserve better!

More times than not a girl rarely wears her hair so formal and slicked back in everyday life...I am I right? I think so!

My advice to Brides...along with every aspect of your Wedding...dum dum da...


There is no written code of Bridal bliss that states a girl must wear her hair so formal and glued to her head that if the slightest bit of a breeze goes by it is wrecked!

I believe that on your Wedding day a Bride should look like the most beautiful version of herself! If that means keeping hair light and loose, do it! If that means letting extra curls hang down, do it! If that means not curling your hair at all, don't do it! Do what you know looks best on YOU!

I fancy a girl who is a bit bold in her hairstyle and tries new things...heck keep it the way you normally wear it if you wish - at least your dashing guests will know that pretty face when they see it :)

A huge new trend, which I do not forsee staying a trend, but more of a statement piece is...

FLOWERS! Flowers in the HAIR!

How adorable and breathtaking...not only will your guests drool when they hear the music start, the back church doors open, your gown makes their jaw drop, your veil gives you the most angelic silhouette, but look...there is the most dainty and intimate flower placed ever so gently in the Bride's hair....

...all together now...Ooo Aaahh...

Enjoy Loves ;)
Look at this adorable new trend that more and more Brides are offering their guests at either their ceremony or reception!

Think a cozy, cool outdoor Fall Wedding...or a magical outdoor reception under high pitched cotton white tents!

Plus...who does love an amazing outfit accessory?!

Most Brides seem to be leaving this at the entrance of their ceremony or reception sites...

...with a clever little note about taking one if need be :) Talk about feeling at home!

If you haven't experienced it, chances are you will.

When you find suddenly realize life is much better when that special someone is around...a few more belly laughs, many more smirks, and your heart beats a little faster.

I found this enchanting idea for a couple to do, not only for their Wedding, but a forever reminder of what makes HE or SHE so very loved by the other. (And I was not intending to use bad grammar, continue reading and you will realize why I put he/she instead of him/her :))

This couple each wrote down 20-30 things, statements, words, or phrases that expressed why they loved the other so painfully much :) They then put the graphics HE and SHE within the statements and sentences...

...what a beautiful gift and what a delightful reminder.

I would sum up Ryan as being the Lime to my Corona. I can always drink one on its own...

...but it sure is better with that Lime :)